((Why can't JonathanElrod/AskSamsite accepts anonymous requests? It doesn't involve you.))

((Sorry but, anons will not administrate it))

Nikki has left

((Hey, Carriemod here.

I already run 2 ask blogs, and I don’t get that much in the second as I do in this one.

Follow my blog, ask-carrie—

What am I doing?! I must say this!
People, Nikki has left forever tumblr and she’ll not come back, I need a good admin to administrate this page, I don’t want newbies doing it.))

My Last Post…

((I will be leaving Tumblr forever now, and here’s what I’m going to do… I will give you my user name and password, so my blog will still be useful even when I am gone.

User name- demonfire2211@gmail.com

Password- [Hidden by carriemod]

Have fun, I’m going to be leaving forever right, now.)) 

Ok you wont be using tumblr but you will use d.a right?

((Yep, and, here’s what I’m going to do… I’m giving out my user name and password out for everyone in a post, so that people can make use of my blog even when I leave forever. I am going to do this now…))

I only created damien goldbrooke tumblr blog just because to chat with alan penny teri rachel fionna but now they are gone deleted their blog accounts offline. Iam the only damien in tawog and tumblr i didnt found any other fan damien tawog iam the only one here. And maybe penny likes damien more then gumball because damien is a romeo ladies man and taller than penny and gumball is a crying baby cry over pathetic things and small than damien i guess thats why penny likes damien cuz its a fact

((Whatever man, all this is not real anyway.))

OK that was passionate speech of your's

((That was no speech, and sure as heck wasn’t passionate. I’m saying just be you when faced to me, not this Bee/Sunflower hybrid made by Jay-rod. And I happened to over-look your last post. I will not R.P as Nicole Watterson, I will be me, and the only reason I go on here is to flush all these messages that I get. The ones that are anonymous are to be deleted. You don’y understand how many I have gotten when I left, and soon I will leave again, forever, so don’t feel too comfortable around me, I won’t be on here for long.))

ohw,c'mon nikki dont be so upset In Season 2 Penny hangs out with Damien because somehow and someday Penny bringed Mr cuddles to school and gumball killed mr cuddle so Penny dont forget Gumball and hangs out with Damien Goldbrooke

((Somehow in someway I think I’ve heard that before. Probably from the same person before me. I know you’re passionate about Tawog, I am too, but you don’t have to play along with me. I’m out. And P.S- If you’re going to show Penny and make a possible Penny blog, update her. Season two showed her curvy figure now, their is no reason to show Out-of-date pictures for R.Ping.))

its cool,that you are 13-14 years old its kinda a very honorable age for a girl like you, also i have good news for you PENNY is coming back you can see it in my blog

((Doesn’t matter, I’ll be on here only until further notice. But, is it the “Penny blog” that I know? Or a new one?. Nevermind, I guess I could read that on your blog.))

Oh nikki i never knew youre real name and age

((Nikki Williams, almost 14. Don’t get any ideas, sure-shot.)) ;P

Nikki since when you become so cool here in Tumblr also what do you think about others (by others i mean,beemo-finn-carman-gumballboy-penny)

((I think all of them were awesome in their own way, but the Penny one was amazing.)) :D

((Jake: Hay Nikki I'm going to Hawaii in two day's!!!!! It my family's first vacation together. So early good bye!!!))

((Aww okay then. I went to Florida once.)) :D

Nikki you gotta see TAWOG Radio Play in my blog (if you find it) and my new Damien Felisardo post


Nicole you have to delete beemo from your blog hes a walking disaster he post porn of adventure time and very very agressive we chatted in his blog all the answers are agressive

((Omaigosh really? I didn’t know since I don’t go on here much. Btw, just call me Nikki since I’m not gonna R.P as Nicole anymore on here.))

Since when elmore is happy town.

((Idk, just born a happy town I guess. I’m not really R.Ping as Nicole anymore so you can just call me Nikki.))

((Jake: I saw the new Adventure time and Regular Show, i think i laughed to hard at them . _ .! Ha Ha!!! Well what did you think of them?))

((A.T one was soooo awesum! *fangirl* Ahhhhasdfghjklopdfayjffsrfyddvg The R.S one was nice. It happened to have more plot than most so that was good, I haughed so hard at the end though.)) XD